Full Stack Developers

Technology Team | Perth

About VGW

VGW is a (super) fast-growing social gaming company with about 250 employees, all committed to building something amazing, pushing our boundaries and having fun in the process. We have a dynamic and happy workplace and the team has huge energy and passion for our products and our players. Couple that with the best of Aussie culture; a laid-back approach, flexible working hours, Work From Home Fridays, casual dress and enjoying the beach whenever possible.

The Role

We are looking for people to join our team of developers to produce online games and backend systems. We have a combination of greenfield and established products that need your expertise, and we are an Agile shop (in practice, not just in name). The VGW tech team is a dynamic, friendly bunch who have fun at work. It will help if you’re kind of cool, but we can train you if you’re not.

The Tech

We are entirely AWS-based, with a mixture of EC2 (Linux) and ECS (Docker/Linux) servers that handle the majority of our work.  On the servers and containers, it’s Java application servers (JBoss Wildfly and various micro-service implementations like Spark).  

On the data-side of things we mainly use Postgres, but there’s some significant Mongo in some of our stacks too.  We move everything to Redshift for warehousing.

On the client side, we are JavaScript and TypeScript.  We use a little bit of JS Vue, React and Phaser.io in the client as well.

About You

We’re looking for junior, mid-level and senior developers, but regardless of your years of experience, we’d expect you to have the following attributes:

– If you can code when your internet connection is down, then you’re probably in our camp.
– We are looking for frontend developers (80%) with backend chops (20%) or backend developers (80%) with frontend skills(20%).  (Actual percentages vary, but you get the idea.)
– You can grab a problem and own the hell out of it.
– People with a side hustle or an entrepreneurial streak are highly encouraged to apply.

To complement our VGW team culture, we are only looking for people who:

– Can solve problems, innovatively
– Have a record of self-learning and self-improvement
– Learn quickly
– Have tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done
– Choose jobs they enjoy
– Are not jerks

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in finding out more, apply now by emailing your CV to careers@vgw.co

We’ll be in touch soon.